Summer program 2020

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Considering genetic predisposition and individual abilities such as speed, strength, flexibility, agility, which are necessary for the acquisition and development of more demanding hockey skills, ice hockey is one of the most comprehensive, the most complex collective sports in general. The development of a young hockey player is a long-lasting training and upbringing process. During the development of one hockey player, it is necessary to absorb countless trainings and hundreds of matches, in order to achieve the automation and precision of the learned movements: skating, dribbling, shots and various goalkeeping interventions. Therefore, special attention should be paid to working with the youngest categories from the first steps on the ice: teaching and correction in order to subsequently increase the level of players skill.

There are no restrictions in improving game skills, there are no limits. It is for this reason that the achieved level in all skills is essentially the biggest difference between top-notch and other players. It is well known that psychology approach of the player has a significant role in the development especially in achieving top results, and thus it makes the biggest difference in quality its self.

With our knowledge and experience, our coaching team would like to contribute to the development of the maximum potential of every young hockey player.

Our Team

We are highly motivated and perspective team of ex-players, coaches, active players-assistants who are focused on the development of individual hockey skills of children and youth. Trainings are designed for small groups of 5 to 6 players, whereby we are wholly dedicated to improving hockey skills, mastering of techniques (since each and every hockey technique is unique and authentic) while the training process contains high-quality exercise demonstrations and corrections of the same. Our standard is based on an individual approach to each player. We are raising our players disciplined to respect their teammates, opponents and coaches.

We devoted ourselves to fully developing and embracing the competitive spirit and fair-play.

Slobodan Rusko Coach

Lubomír Konečný Head Coach

Kamil Valentík Coach

Lukáš Duba Coach

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